KHS-TV News/SRL Pitches Story Ideas for Upcoming Months

Written by Zacalinh Elizondo, Reporter

Continuing with their planning from the previous week, the members of KHS-TV News/SRL gathered this week to discuss story ideas as the upcoming late fall-early winter season approaches. They have started not only planning for the holidays, but also in general as the busy late fall-early winter season approaches. Over the previous months, the team has found it helpful to utilize a physical planning board of some sort. Filling in the Schoology calendar with plenty of set deadlines and projects, the team has steadily started working on their new segments.

In terms of their weekly broadcast, things went off without a hitch as per usual. The anchors this past week were Danial and Maikel and the corresponding crew members were An and Natalie. However, the crew did have to run Scrolly and pledges this Monday without their club sponsor as newspaper teacher Laura Negri was attending the TAJE Fall Festival as a chaperone and was absent from school.