Band Triumphs in the Pasadena Christmas Parade

According to band officer Anavictoria Mar Rios, on Saturday, December 4, Kerr Band marched at the Christmas parade in Pasadena, Texas

They marched about 8 miles in front of thousands of people. They were also the only high schoolers marching so they got to showcase Kerr and its band program.

In the entirety of the march, they played the “Christmas March” and percussion played their super fun cadences.

The parade began at 7 PM; it was dark and many of the members decorated their instruments with lights and other holiday decorations. Many members also wore Christmas hats.

The following morning, there were region auditions at Paetown HS, where Amanda Choi, a flute player auditioned.

“I would also like to add that before the parade began, we all went to eat,” Rios said. “We were dropped off at a shopping center and ate at places such as Mod pizza, Freddie’s, and Salata after the parade we went to Buc-ees too.”

This week, Band will be focusing on perfecting their winter concert music, which will be on Tuesday, December 14, at 6 pm. Jazz Band has been having their occurring weekly after-school rehearsals. Meanwhile, officers have been passing out tuxes and dresses for the concerts during class periods.