STUCO Attends Volunteer Events

Yesterday, Tuesday, November 30, Student Council had a general meeting. The officers and EBs introduced new events like winter wonderland week and a roller-skating social. They also played different icebreakers and played just danced.

For winter wonderland week, Pride and Publicity EBs are staying after school for multiple days to work on the backdrop decorations for each dress day.

Today, Wednesday, December 1, Student Council members volunteered at the School of Choice Night at Taylor High School. Volunteers assisted Mr. Lewis in answering questions for possible future Kerr students and their parents.

They also have another volunteering event, partnered with Hope Clinic for their food drive-through at Leroy Crump Stadium on December 4 from 8:30 AM to 12:30 AM.

A group of STUCO Volunteers came to School of Choice Night at Taylor High School to answer questions for possible incoming Kerr students and their parents.