Band Invited to San Antonio Parade

Students, members, and veterans of Kerr High School’s band will attend a field trip from April 8-10. They will be taken to San Antonio, where they will march and attend the Fiesta Flambeau Parade.  

The purpose of this field trip is to bring the Kerr Band into the minds of the public. This allows students to show off their talents and techniques they’ve learned over the course of the school year. It provides students with fond memories of playing as a group of other passionate band members and overall, just having fun.  

Students will arrive at school at 8 am on Friday, April 8 to take a charter bus to San Antonio. They are booked into the Emily Morgan Hotel from April 8 through noon April 10.  

The Fiesta Flambeau Parade is a light show involving upbeat music hosted in San Antonio. It has been hosted since 1948 and is the highlight at the end of the annual San Antonio festival, Fiesta. The route of the Parade is a 2.6-mile route lasting several hours taking place over the course of several days concluding near the end of the 11th day of Fiesta.  

Due to concerns about the Covid Pandemic, information surrounding the additional times the students are allowed to perform is unknown. However, the band is guaranteed to perform on April 9th.