KHS-TV News/SRL Creates Public Instagram

Written by Zacalinh Elizondo, Reporter

KHS-TV News/SRL has been doing pretty well when taking into account their engagements and publicity over the past couple of weeks. As the festivities from last week carry over from Halloween to HOCO Week, the members have been busy with filming new segments and getting media to include for their Friday broadcast concerning these spirit days.

The members also made an official Instagram for the club on November 8 to draw in more members and bring more attention to their content. The Instagram account will be managed by members of the club.

Speaking on member management, the club has also decided to start taking steps to be more involved in the broadcast process. While the anchors for that week previously only read the script and practiced it, they will now be taking part in writing it as well. They also have started assigning specific members to run the Friday Factoid and establishing weekly anchors and crew members in the calendar.