Kerr Dance Society To Perform At Games

Kerr Dance Society will perform dance routines at two upcoming games and at the homecoming pep rally. The performances are expected to wow and amaze people with the KDS talent. The members will perform for half time constantly keeping people hooked and excited throughout the performance. 

Homecoming is happening on November 5 and the flag football game against Alief Early College is on November 17th. “For pep rally, the team is working on a very exciting routine by a very known artist,” KDS sponsor Jeremy Gilbert said. “You can expect to see high energy, excitement, and pure fun in the dance. For Pep rally, we have this really intense Kpop dance put together. “ 

 Kaitlin Nguyen, president of KDS, says the halftime performance will be “dance parts that will hit the crowd differently, with smooth and powerful dance moves… I believe the audience’s reactions will be like, “…whoa…”. 

Just like most clubs, KDS has a lesson they wished people take away from their performance. 

Dance is an amazing art form and anyone who has the thought in their head.” ‘I want to dance like that”. should explore into the dance community,” Kaitlin Nguyen said.  

Fun fact Gilbert said most KDS members have little dance experience and can be nervous when performing.  

 So, when other students watch the dance, I want them to learn that no matter what you are dancing to, as long as you’re having fun and hyping up the crowds, being nervous about performing in front of the crowd goes away,” he said. 

Prior to me coming to Kerr I was assistant dance coach for a team called dance fusion.” KDS sponsor Jeremy, Gilbert said.” Once I came to Kerr, I was approached by several students that showed interest in wanting to bring the club back and so I took the initiative to do just that.  

KDS as a club… we set goals for ourselves to reach that are related to dance, such as confidence boost, flexibility, or just learning new styles of dances. Throughout the time in this club, we will slowly be achieving these goals by learning new dance moves and choreography through fun!” KDS president Kaitlin Nguyen said. 

“Our purpose is to create a place where everyone is comfortable in their own skin. to move and communicate with their bodies, mind, and soul to music,” she said. 

KDS hopes to inspire people with their performances, attracting new members. For those who are Curious about KDS Rather than being hesitant because of lack of dance skills, Katilin says to just try it out sharing her only dance experience was Just Dance and Dance Central. 

Kaitlin Nguyen said. “My friend and current officer, Trang Ly, had pushed me to join dance and I don’t regret it… I learned so much from my experience through dance and I hope to continue teaching, learning, and helping those become comfortable in their own skins. 

 “KDS isn’t just a dance group,” Gilbert said, “it’s a family within a family and all are welcome.”