Art Students Visit Cactus King and Art Asylum

For this year’s Rodeo Art submissions, 2D Art Teacher Michelle Kasmarek held a field trip to take a group of art students on October 21. This will allow students to visit a cactus farm and an art factory to gather insight into what they’ll be doing for their entry. 

“So everyone took their primary source images for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and I believe that everybody who was at Texas Art Asylum ended up finding something to add to their assemblage art project.”  Kasmarek said. 

The field trip to The Cactus King and Art Asylum allowed the students to go through several green houses and make use of their experiences and photographs by formulating a collage of images to base their project on. 

“We actually had a gentleman who had taken the students there and you know, exciting them about collecting their own assemblage art materials.” Kasmarek said. “And that he actually donated some money for them to make some additional purchases.” 

During the second part of the field trip, they went to a store and toured to gather art components to incorporate into their projects. With the money given to them by the instructor, they were allowed to purchase some of the items. This allowed many of the students to be left with a souvenir of sorts. 

“It just kind of breaks up the monotony of being, you know, a grade level student. I think we used it as an inspirational day, and it was exciting.” Kasmarek said. 

The art student will now use the gathered photographs and pieces to base their artworks for the rodeo.