STUCO Holds Third General Meeting

Kerr STUCO hosted their third general meeting on October 19, from 2:30 to 4:15 in the cafeteria to play icebreakers and have Executive Board members introduce upcoming events for the remainder of October.   

“I personally think that STUCO benefits students by engaging them towards a welcoming community.” President Tiffany Huynh said. “We try our best to introduce them to the fun parts of Kerr. It’s a way to get them to be involved with the school by showing off their school spirit.” 

The meeting began with two icebreakers: Telephone and Ninja. During the first game, the officers sorted all the members into three lines in which the first person is told a phrase then passes it on throughout the line until the last person reveals what the phrase turns out to be. The second game consisted of a large circle in which each player is allowed one move to hit the hand of another player to get them eliminated.  

Each committee introduced their upcoming events for the month of October and explained possibilities to earn points for them. After which, the committees split off into different areas of the cafeteria to do activities such as cutting out paper for the birthday wall and recycling for members to earn points. 

“For the next meeting, I would definitely try to plan more events that would allow them to break out of their comfort zone, at their pace of course,” Huynh said. “I want them to be able to talk to people outside of their friend group!” 

At the end of the meeting, Executive Board members who were late had to perform the dance, “Baby Shark”, in front of all the members.  

“The most memorable thing was probably watching my officers and EBs perform baby shark. At the end of presentations for every meeting, we have ‘punishment,’ where if a board member is late to a planning meeting, they will have to perform a song or dance in front of every member at the general meeting.” Huynh said. “Last time, we did Wiggalo, and this time, we did Baby Shark. I can’t wait to find something new for them to do.”