STUCO Makes Halloween Plans

STUCO will be bringing an assortment of Halloween activities for students to participate in starting next week. The activities will be posted in the cafeteria between October 25 to October 29.

For Halloween, for STUCO we are having our scary movie night which is October 29,  the Friday before Halloween.” STUCO’s sponsor Adrian Luis Garcia said.

On the Friday before Halloween students are welcome to join in a spooky movie night. There will be snacks like pizza, popcorn, and candy. Students are also allowed to bring in a blanket to keep themselves warm.

“We are also making Halloween frames to take photos with,” STUCO president Tiffany Huynh said.,“ There will be booths set up in the cafeteria for people to take pictures.”

The frames all designed by the STUCO members will be available for pictures taken during the week of Halloween. 

“Since the decorations and activities are updated, I would like to include that students are welcome to come to school in costumes!” STUCO vice president Vivian Le added. 

Students are also encouraged to come to school in their preferred costumes and maybe do some ‘Trick-or treating. If not in a full-body costume, they can also wear a mask for fun. 

“I don’t plan on scaring anyone…” Garcia said, “I hate Halloween.”

Garcia told us that he does not enjoy Halloween, but is willing to take a part in it for the students. 

Starting next week, students will be able to enjoy different activities provided by STUCO. All staff and students are welcome to join this year’s Halloween liveliness.