2nd Annual Halloween Poetry Slam October 28

Kerr holds its second annual Halloween poetry slam  on October 28 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. The poetry slam will be organized by art teacher Michelle Kasmarek, who originally started this event due to her love of Halloween. 

 “I freaking love Halloween,” Kasmarek said. “…I’ve been writing Halloween poetry or spooky creepy poetry, and I wanted to bring that to Kerr.” 

The poems for the Poetry Slam will need to be submitted by midnight on October 23 and students who are participating must recite their poems for the slam on October 28. Three winners will be chosen afterward.

“Our first-place prize is $100 bill, second place prize is a cauldron of candy,” she said. “Then third place prize is actually a handmade trophy made by yours truly.”

Some of the requirements for the poetry slam include a maximum of six stanzas and it must rhyme. The story should also be Halloween-themed.

“Occult… creepy, spooky, [anything] scary would justify the theme.”