Choir Attends Grand Opera

Choir saw “Carmen” in the Grand Opera in downtown Houston on Tuesday, October 26. They gathered after school for the event and returned around 10 pm after the performance.  

The purpose of this field trip was to show these choir students how an opera works in person. It also showcased what it felt like to watch a professional production in person.  

Students took a bus after school to the venue. The event ran from 7 pm. and finished around 10 pm, with about a two-hour, 53-minute run time and a single intermission. 

The opera by Georges Bizet was written in 1875 and is now considered the most popular opera in the world. The performance is classified as a tragedy, with the subject of obsessive love. Actors Carolyn Sproule, Richard Trey Smagur, Christian Pursell, and Heidi Stober performed this show, with director Rob Ashford and conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya leading.