Fashion Club Finishes Pillows

The Fashion Club will continue creating hand-sewn star-shaped pillows during its next workshop. It will occur on October 26 in the 2D Art Room. Fashion Club sponsor Michelle Kasmarek and Co-Presidents Natalie Dinh and An Nguyen will guide members through the process of industrial and technical skills in fashion.  

“In the Fashion Club, a range of activities are attempted through workshops that teach students how to sew, crochet and knit. Fashion Club also tries to do more technical stuff like illustrating or sketching. Overall, Fashion Club tries to focus on more industry skills,” Dinh said. 

Members are creating star-shaped pillows beginning with a star stencil, tracing it onto two pieces of fabric that are hand-sewn together. During the workshop, the members will add cotton filling through an open socket, creating their pillow.  

“The last few meetings, Fashion Club was beginning to sew star-shaped pillows,” Dinh said. “We hope to finish it in the next meeting.”

The Fashion Club is encouraged because it teaches hands-on industrial skills such as sewing, crocheting, and knitting which are practical to any career.  

“Fashion Club is important in general because whether or not someone actually wants to pursue this career, we all wear clothes and we all use it as a way to express ourselves even subconsciously the clothes we pick say a bit about who we are as people,” Dinh said.