Bonding With The District: What To Expect From This Year’s Election

Written by Aranzazu Carreno, Editor In Chief

It’s been six years since Alief’s last bond election, which brought Kerr its Fine Arts building. Now, the Alief Board of Trustees has called for another election to determine whether the district can fund several projects.

Let’s walk through the process. First, the Alief Board of Trustees calls for an election. When bonds are approved by voters, they’re sold to investors, and the proceeds are used for the approved capital projects. This year, the Community Bond Steering Committee called for a $541.7 million bond referendum and voters get to decide on a specific “needs group.” What this means is that electors will be able to select one of four packages of projects to support with their taxes: Proposition A (General), Proposition B (Athletics), Proposition C (Crump), and Proposition D (Tech).

Did we say taxes? We said taxes. If approved, Alief ISD tax-payers could potentially see a 6-cent tax rate increase in their property taxes over the next seven years, ultimately costing the average Alief homeowner with a $100,000 home an increase of $3.75 per month or $45 per year. The tax rate would be set in two parts: Maintenance & Operations and Interesting & Sinking. Those 65 or older, and those with disabilities, will not see an increase in taxes as long as homestead exemptions are filed with the Harris County Appraisal District. 

Two days after the election, unofficial results were made available. To view these and stay updated, click here or visit