STUCO Finalizes Clothing Sales

On October 19, there was a general meeting in the Cafeteria after school. They played icebreakers and introduced many events they have planned for the rest of October/Early November. Some of those events are the Scary Movie Social, which will be on October 29, the Mum Social, which will be on November 3, and Spirit Week, which will be from November 1 to November 5.

STUCO also finalized its T-shirt sales and sold over 170 shirts. They are estimated to be delivered around early November.

There will also be an officer meeting on Friday morning for the officers to give feedback and thoughts on the last general meeting, as well as plan ideas to work with their committees for the next meeting.

The officers also decided to make an officer fleece jacket and are planning to surprise sponsor Adrian Garcia with one. They are exclusive to the officers and each jacket has their names on it, and Mr. Garcia’s has “StuCo Sponsor” on the back.