KHS-TV News/SRL Plans Impending Weekly Broadcast

Written by Zacalinh Elizondo, Reporter

Though the club members allowed themselves a resting period over Fall Break, they’re back up and running following the start of Term 2. Touching on story ideas pitched last term, the members have started charting out their respective plans to eventually complete these stories.

The KHS-TV News/SRL segment featuring “Weird Food Combinations” has finally been released to the Kerr student body, and to much pleasure to those in the club, it received much acclaim! Multiple students are already in the works of launching similar segments sometime soon.

As of recently, KHS-TV News/SRL has started planning announcements for the upcoming broadcast this Friday. They’ve also begun arranging special holiday announcements to release in accommodation for all the seasonal events this term.

KHS-TV News/SRL members and their sponsor, Laura Negri, pose for a selfie.

Source: An Dinh