Kerr Photosynthesizers Meet

Frantically pacing back and forth, the Kerr Photosynthesizer officers were planning and setting up their next general meeting. From printing papers in the English Center to writing schedules, they were set on making the meeting a memorable one.   

Over the past year, passionate students came together to revive and plant throughout the community; they have decided to host an official meeting on October 15 from 2:30 pm to 4:15 pm in order to spread the importance of keeping our environment clean and healthy.  

“Planting a tree and taking care of our planet is very important for the environment and for future generations to come so starting now it’s very helpful,” said president Kezia Ng. “This club will benefit not only students but like everyone in the world in our community.”  

Photosynthesizers focus on improving the environment, but also the coming together of students that create a family.  

“The class of 2021 started this club as a passion project for an AP English 3 class,” Ng said. “And now we kind of expanded into a bigger school club and their legacy continues, as they’ve already graduated.”  

This club was established in 2019 by alumni Danny Le, David Do, Vipash Nanda, and Agha Mirza.  

“The goals of the club are for everyone to get a lot of volunteer hours and for people to get experience outdoors of what it’s really like,” vice president Santiago Sanchez said. “I feel like people if they’ve given like if they get a good explanation of what the club is, everybody will really genuinely want to join, you know?”  

During the next meeting, members who are still interested in joining that did not get the chance to attend the first introductory meeting that occurred in August are welcome to come. There will also be icebreakers and creating decorations for the family tree outside the English Center. Additionally, a brief T-shirt design contest will be discussed, then members will be divided into committees to focus on those activities.  

“I remember the first meeting there were only 10 members,” secretary Denisse Fernandez said. “And now we have a little over 30.  

The officers look forward to the next meeting as well as all future meetings to come.  

“Hopefully the members will implement what we teach them into their own lives, and it won’t be just for Kerr,” Ng said. “It would be there like wherever they go.”