STUCO Seeks T-shirt Designs

Written by Feliz De Jesus

Junior Kalina Nguyen rushed to submit her T-shirt design revolving around the theme of, “Be Curious, not judgmental.” She looked forward to seeing the results eagerly worrying about the gamble of being chosen or not, as the winner.  

On September 7-9, the Student Council held a T-shirt design contest. Members of STUCO advertised throughout the school in hopes of representing STUCO and raising money for extra events and activities. Students could submit a design and receive points for it that would benefit them throughout their time in high school.  

“We’re probably going to be promoting just like good mental awareness and just like a good- being good to each other in general and being friendly and making sure that everyone is treated fairly,” Chair of NEED Karen Pan said.  

Moreover, T-shirt designs had to revolve around a theme that would be represented throughout the rest of the school year.  

“And then this year’s theme is to be curious not judgmental. We want to be open to the beliefs of other people and we want to be asking good questions and we want to be involved in our students, making connections,” STUCO sponsor Adrian Garcia said.  

Students are heavily encouraged to participate in STUCO events since it assists students in engaging in fun activities and opens new opportunities. 

“Since STUCO is so based on community, the more students join, the more they’ll feel inclined to participate in the academic activities since their friends are in them and the more they’ll want to volunteer around the school,” Pan said.   

Funds of contests, such as the T-Shirt design contest go to events for the students and other clubs and organizations.  

“In this case, we’re funding some of the money towards our senior class of 2022 so we can aid them and help them pay for prom but the money will also go to homecoming and it will also go to other clubs and sometimes even [Principal Vinson] Lewis,” STUCO Secretary Tony Nguyen said.  

The STUCO T-shirt design contest was held to represent STUCO and all the fun activities the organization does for Kerr High School.  

“We also try to have a little bit of fun. Hopefully with little to no injuries and just to get kids excited about student council as a whole,” Garcia said.