Second Annual Poetry Slam Oct. 28

The Halloween Poetry Slam approaches as Art teacher Michelle Kasmarek continues the second year with this new tradition, offering participants a chance to win a prize. 

This contest is open until October 23, with students offering the chance to submit and showcase their ability to write a truly terrifying poem. During the poetry slam, contestants will now have the chance to not only write but perform the poem on October 28. In contrast to last year’s winner Jessica Dang, hadn’t been given the opportunity to present her poem .   

“I think I waited like two or three days to announce that Jessica was actually the winner,” Kasmarek said. She had been contemplating the winners, ultimately choosing Dang’s. 

With a chance to win $100, the idea of a winner had taken much consideration, and  Kasmarek had felt both of the possible winning candidates had given much thought, having their poems executed with high performance. Ultimately it had come down to who she felt resonated more with the feeling she received through reading the poems.  

“Hopefully it just gives contestants another outlet or opportunity to create, write, creating is really cathartic, and writing poetry I think is also just a really great method of therapy or journaling,” Kasmarek said.  

Oftentimes when contributing to the students, valuing the writing process as well as the work itself helps reflect what is being created. Especially when searching for the correct poem, there are many thoughts that come into what is deemed as an exceptional piece aside from, rhyming, stanza limit, writing, and due dates.. 

In this year’s competition, the public performance will be part of the judging. 

“So part of the poem will have to be the performance of the poem, which I think that a lot of kids will probably shy away from..” Kasmarek stated.  

“However, one of the cool things about the poetry slam is that the author doesn’t necessarily have to be the person that recites, so you can actually pick a friend or a performer to recite your poem for you.” 

Sophomore Jermaine Tran is interested in the performance. 

“I believe the challenge was very easy to participate in and the prize, it interested me.” Tran said. 

Freshman Hue Ly is interested in both the prize and the process as a contestant. 

When asked about what caused her to join, Ly stated. “Well, I guess the prize because I’m broke but uh, poems and you know drawing are my forte’.”

When participating in the poetry slam, contestants will have an opportunity to win either a $100 prize for first place, a cauldron of candy for second place, or a Halloween- inspired trophy for third. With the submission of poems and the presentation at the Kerr Theatre, everyone will have their chance.  

“I hope it grows into something much larger and… I’m excited about it” Kasmarek said.