NTLB Holds Advisory Mixer

Gathered in the dark but spacious room were eight groups of people, all of them having one thing in common. Leading these groups, sophomore Casey Nguyen encouraged everyone to speak up.  

In this room were the members of No Tiger Left Behind, an organization created to help new students transition to the lifestyles and cultures of Kerr. The upperclassmen mentors and their freshmen mentees met up during an advisory mixer to introduce themselves and discuss their aspirations.  

“I helped plan the mixer,” Nguyen said. “I was a lead mentor, so I helped everyone introduce themselves, get to know each other and we also played a name game, as well as two truths and one wish.” 

Nguyen was in charge of the theater room, which hosted the event for 80 people. In order to make it easier to socialize, she separated the members of the organization into groups, with five pairs of mentors and mentees in each group.  

The mixer held on September 16 is not going to be the last of its kind.  

“Every month we’re planning to hold a mixer where we go over various topics like GPA, goalkeeping and healthy school habits,” Nguyen said. 

While the first mixer was focused on setting goals, the event for October is going to be centered on organization and balancing academics with social activities. If everything goes according to plan, lifestyle and integrity are the topics for the following months.  

Because of all of the events planned for this organization so far, that are known to its members, are scheduled to be in-school events, any after-school events would have to be very appealing for members to attend.  

“I think I would have to see if it clashes with any of my other clubs first,” mentor Thy Tran said. While she would enjoy an after-school event for this club, it would not be her priority. “Because No Tiger Left Behind is kind of mainly an in-school group, but I think I would if I had time.” 

No Tiger Left Behind is planning to hold a Fall/Winter Social after-school, and if that succeeds, a Spring social will also be in the works.   

“If you are interested in helping a new student transition to Kerr in a way that you were helped or in a way you wished you were helped, then join NTLB!” sponsor and organizer of No Tiger Left Behind Jacob Lazarou said. “Our goal is to help students be successful academically and, MOST importantly, socially.” 

This perspective of the organization from the sponsor is shared with its lead mentors. 

“I would definitely recommend this organization. It’s really a good club that helps mentees just adjust their way to Kerr … Their system works differently from other schools like Taylor,” Nguyen states. 

Even last year, during the pandemic, Lazarou said that No Tiger Left Behind did a good job, all things considered. 

“NTLB did well considering everything was all virtual or online,” he said. “We were still trying to get students connected in a social setting and I think we accomplished that.” 

Lazarou said that the first No Tiger Left Behind Mixer was successful in allowing the mentees and their mentors to meet and interact in a face-to-face setting despite a few minor difficulties along the way. 

“I think it exceeded expectations. Can it be better, of course, and the next one will be better. We all must start somewhere, and we all should expect to make some mistakes,” Lazarou said. “However, the goal is to learn from our mistakes and improve every time we do an event like this.” 

Casey Nguyen

Thy Tran

Jacob Lazarou