STUCO Spreads Mental Health Awareness

This week, from September 20 to September 24, STUCO hosted a Mental Health Awareness Week. Each day, there is a different activity for the members to participate in.

For Meditation Monday, students were encouraged to go to meditation sessions hosted by Mrs. Murray in the new theatre. For Take Care of Yourself Tuesday, students were encouraged to do something that soothes them. For Wind Down Wednesday, students were encouraged to get a full night’s rest and wear pajamas. For Thankful Thursday, students are encouraged to write appreciation notes to their friends, family, and staff members. Lastly, for Friendly Friday, students are encouraged to take a picture with their friends.

STUCO also had its first general meeting on Tuesday, September 21. They played icebreakers, introduced their EBs, voted on a shirt design, and had different activities planned out!