KHS-TV News/SRL Brainstorms Upcoming Story Ideas

Written by Zacalinh Elizondo, Reporter

KHS-TV News/SRL completed another weekly announcement broadcast without mistakes, and were further able to showcase their evident expansion regarding their growing comfort and skills with such.

After Vivian Le and Jennifer Nguyen’s interview with the FBLA representative last week, KHS-TV News/SRL is working towards editing the juicy parts of their interaction to present to their audience. As I stated last week, they are also planning on bringing their beginning of the year FBLA collaboration to a close sometime soon.

Adding onto their other affairs this week, KHS-TV News/SRL is also in the process of putting action into future projects. Their upcoming news segment “Kerrfirmed” as well as “Unkerrfirmed” have been approved and they are working on finalizing logos for each respective category. They hope to broadcast their first addition of this news segment either by the end of this week or sometime in the following weeks. The group is currently working on pitching story ideas both for the segment and generally.