Freshmen Officers Gather

Written by Teresa Nguyen

What are your future plans or goals for Class Officer?

Katie Tran: “I am willing to put my responsibilities to work. And I will hear other freshmen opinions and work to the best of my abilities to make sure everything is cooperating.”

Raiyyan Khan: “First we haven’t gotten started yet because we haven’t gotten out sponsors. But after the sponsors, we had a lot of things in mind. Like making face masks, T-shirts, and having good socials with others. But that’s going to happen later on in the year, but we have a lot of things in mind such as the tournament and fundraising.”

Isabella Le: “I want to fund money while also allowing others to have a say in what they want and to allow the community to have a safe environment so they can come forth with that their concerns.”

Minh Luong: “To raise funds and just fund money for the school so we can plan events that will cost less for students.”

Aiden Ngo: “So I’m not entirely sure about the rest of the class officers but me and my peer who also ran with me, Raiyyan, we were going to make T-shirts and sell merch to distribute and gain profit. Some freshmen say Kerr is easy while many other ones talk about how difficult it is so one of our goals is to also help them with that. Because as class officers we are supposed to voice our concerns. We are also thinking about selling event tickets and food, but for now, until we have an actual meeting with Mr.Garcia, these will just be our plans.”