PALs Faces Pandemic Problems

Pandemic poses a problem for the mentoring group.

Written by Aranzazu Carreno, Editor In Chief

The officer meeting held on Tuesday, August 31, revealed an issue for the club.

Traditionally, PALS would mentor throughout the district, mentoring at Holmquist, Liestman, Hicks, Kennedy, Boone, and Miller. During the pandemic, they limited their services to Miller and did so virtually.

Now? Everyone’s at school, but the Delta variant of the virus has posed a threat. Superintendent Chambers, taking the danger into consideration, has restricted campus visitors for all schools, meaning PALS are not able to provide their normal services.

The officers discussed the possibility of going fully virtual, but are hopeful to be permitted to go in person. In addition, the schools themselves must be willing to participate. The sponsor, Jacob Lazarou, is in constant communication with schools and plans to reach out to others.

The officers await a response to plan out an interest meeting.