Lauren Oliver visit to Elsik postponed

The visit from author Lauren Oliver scheduled for last Thursday was cancelled due to the weather, librarian Jean Wu said. In addition to a district ruling to cancel all after-school activities, Oliver is currently stranded in Chicago.

“Right now they’re under terrible blizzard conditions,” said Wu.

Wu hopes that the visit can still be held, although later.

“Blue Willow Bookstore is the go-between, and they hope to reschedule it,” she said.

Oliver’s first book, “Before I Fall,” is about a girl who dies and gets seven days to relive the last day of her life.

Oliver’s newest book, “Delirium,” released on February 1, is about America in the future where love is a sickness and people get surgery to get rid of the sickness; the patient than chooses from a list to select his or her spouse. Before her surgery, a girl falls in love with a rebel against the government and society.

When the event is rescheduled, the new author will be doing a reading from her new book “Delirium,” answering questions and signing autographs.

Tuong-Phi Le contributed to this report.