PALS to start up soon

Officers of PALS mentoring club discuss their plans for the 2021-2022 year.

Last week, PALS President Aranzazu Carreno and Vice President Michelle Cardenas spoke to sponsor Jacob Lazarou about starting up club activities.

They discussed the possibility of schools willing to participate in the program and questioned whether the involvement of elementary schools would be a good idea given current health concerns. The possibility of working with Middle Schools and ALC was explored, and Lazarou said he’d look into it.

The officers are planning to have a meeting the first week of September to discuss club activities, meanwhile, Lazarou communicates with the schools.

This year’s officers:

President- Aranzazu Carreno

Vice President- Michelle Cardenas

Secretary- Zena Kablawi and Chelsea Phan

Historian- Kayla Do