KHS-TV News/SRL helps promote FBLA

Written by Zacalinh Elizondo

As the start of the school year kicks off, Kerr High School’s KHS-TV News/SRL Club is one of the first groups to begin partaking in established club activities. Though no official officers have been entrenched yet, the bunch has already started working collaboratively on projects for other clubs and their weekly announcement broadcasts.

The KHS-TV News/SRL Club meets in the Journalism Room every Tuesday and Thursday during advisory periods with their club sponsor, Mrs. Negri, to plan and execute tasks like filming advertisements and informational videos. In addition to meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, all members of the club meet on Friday during advisory to broadcast live news to the Kerr student body.

Though many members of the club are still trying to learn how to function the equipment for filming and master the necessary skills for anchoring, they’ve been able to implement the weekly announcements without any mishaps.

“We’re still getting the hang of how to operate the control switch and anchoring,” said senior Natalie Dinh. “Most of us are new. I anchored for the first time last week.”

Adding onto their end of the week livestreams, the members have also started integrating with other clubs to help them promote themselves through the announcements. Over the past week, the KHS-TV News/SRL Club members have gotten into contact with FBLA to help them film an ad. Yesterday, they collectively went down to the FBLA store and filmed some additional B-Roll to possibly add into the ad as fillers. Tomorrow, the members plan to interview the FBLA representative during advisory.