School offers Wedneday on-campus option for hybrid learners

Written by Kabir Azad

With the recent hybrid schedule implementation at Kerr, it is no surprise that Alief has to make changes and compromises from the normal school schedule. One of these changes is making Wednesday optional for in-person students. This has changed the routine for in-person students drastically and changed the environment of the school on Wednesdays.

“Well, we have to be in compliance. There’s all kinds of state rules and guidelines and laws about attendance, so we have to be in compliance with all of the TSA regulations,” lead counselor Laura Tully said. “And then you know some students work better on campus and some students work better at home and so Kerr is supposed to be all about empowering students to make decisions in your education.”

Since this change is very different from the routine students and staff have had for the past months, and last year, there is a lot that changes on Wednesdays. The decision was influenced by a myriad of factors, including compliance with the TSA, laws, and keeping in mind the comfortability and ease of staff and students. This change helps in many areas for both students and staff, making Wednesday almost leisurely towards both sides.

“I think that the staff preparing varies a lot by the staff. But in general Wednesdays give us a good time to really get to spend some time with students face to face, since there’re not very many people in the building,” Tully said

One of the biggest challenges about the optional Wednesday: Productivity.  Since Wednesday then becomes an option, productivity is a big hurdle to overcome.

“I would say that for students who work well in the building, then I hope that they are being very productive. On Wednesdays, it’s pretty quiet around here…and so it gives students some good time to be in peace and quiet and really focus on what they need to get done,” Tully said.

Another issue on Wednesdays is: Does it affect staff? Are staff having to make compromises in places they shouldn’t? Since Wednesday is optional for students, does this burden staff with having to do things such as rescheduling major assignments, or rescheduling lessons?  

I would say just not even specific to Wednesdays, but just throughout the school year, in every kind of situation, we’re all being flexible and we all are doing just the very best we can, and completely unprecedented times,” Tully said. 

In conclusion, the change of Wednesday being optional for Kerr students is one that is well liked, and an overall positive change with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

“I think that the more flexibility we give students in general is a good thing, and that’s just my personal opinion, but I think so. I do think it’s good that you all have the option. And personally I think the hybrid schedule is cool because it helps keep the numbers in the building at any one time lower, which I think makes it a safer place to be. So we have plenty of space for social distance in the building. No one crowded together. It allows us all to be here safely. So I really like the hybrid schedule.”