Au sees election up close as poll worker

Written by Jessica Nguyen

Vanessa Au started her first shift working at the election polls during this year’s Presidential Election on October 14.

This year has been very tough. On top of it all, it is a Presidential Election year so when Au, a senior, was notified of the opportunity to help out, she did not hesitate to sign up for the Electronics Support Specialists/student election worker position.

¨I think it would be nice to just help other people who haven’t voted or who want to vote but don’t know how,¨ Au said. ¨And a lot of people need help translating so I thought I would just do my part and just help out.¨ 

From helping at the election polls, Au was able to take away some experience too. 

¨Just working with adults also gave me, kind of like, like a view of what it would be like to actually work later in life, like this election is pretty important too,¨ said Au. ¨So I will look like I know what to look out for next time when I can vote.

Over this very eventful year, it has taught us more about our country. It is clear just how important exercising our right to vote is. 

¨I think that if given the opportunity everyone should vote,¨ said Au.¨Because no matter like what state you’re in or like what color your state is, if your vote every vote counts in the end.¨

The beautiful thing about our right to the first amendment is that there are accommodations to make the voters as comfortable as they can be. Whether it’s a disability or a different language, voters can ask for assistance to help them vote which Electronic Support Specialists, like Au, can help with.

¨I think that was like interesting because,¨ said Au. ¨A lot of people from Fort Bend came to this location, in Harris County because they knew that there were Vietnamese translators.¨

With Early Voting ending on October 30, and Election Day coming right around the corner, time is ticking on sharing your voice. 

¨The Judge she has said,  if you aren’t seated at the dinner table, you’re going to be served,¨ said Au. ¨In the sense like oh if you aren’t voting, then, like, you will be affected greatly by it.¨