Orchestra is Sus: Game event planned Oct. 30

Written by Luynh Pham

Orchestra’s officers are creating an event called Orchestra Among Us Halloween Special. This will be hosted via Zoom during the afternoon of Halloween Eve, allowing everyone to bond together.

“It’s very suitable for Halloween,” Orchestra officer Tammy Dang said. “Among Us is basically a game where you test your friendship or test your trust in other people”

Dang wanted a theme where it allowed everyone to come together and have a fun time away from online schooling. This is a great alternative to do instead of doing in-person activities. 

“The reason for creating this event is probably…. like for bonding time within the orchestra members,” Dang, a junior, said. “It’s been very difficult with the online situation and talking to everyone.”

The Orchestra Among Us Halloween Special might be the only event what most student is looking forward to fulfilling their happiness. 

“We could like bond together over a game of Among Us,” Dang said. “I believe we’ve been planning this since last month.”

This get-together is special and meaningful to the orchestra members because it allows time to build relationships with each other. This school year has a huge barrier in interactions and making new friends, yet this does not stop the officers from thinking ahead and making things work.  

“Most events this year will be held at on Zoom,” Dang said. “We’ll split into breakout rooms so people could have their own kind of lobbies. ”

There are many opportunities in this event that allows students to know each other better. 

By coming together to engage in this activity, it relieves some stress, bettering the mental health of students. The orchestra officer team hosted a great event that allows many to bond and have a wonderful time. 

“For the people who come, thank you, and I’m excited to see you there.”