NTLB focuses on mentoring

Written by Emily Dang

This October, the members of No Tigers Left Behind focused on having students mentor their underclassmen about participating in different school activities as they believe it’s an essential part of attaining acceptance to an institution of higher education. Thus, over 200 NTLB members met virtually from the comfort of their own homes on October 14.

“We tried to ensure that everyone was focusing on the importance of both organization involvement in several school organizations and, like, clubs and stuff like that band orchestra, and just contacting your teachers because that’s really important as well as communication,” NTLB secretary Ajibola Yerokun said.

As a club that sprung up only years ago, it has run through many ideas in addition to school involvement to guide the members along their high school journey. And along the way, it has found itself to become a source of dependability for Kerr’s underclassmen.

“As far as I’m concerned, it was [former interventionist Jan] Kolk’s idea. She decided that it’d be beneficial for students to have mentors at Kerr that were also students because the teacher-student relationship is kind of ineffective.” Yerokun said. “It’s kind of inefficient because teachers always have a lot of children to adhere to. So it’s more impactful for the student to have like a friend from an upper class that they can depend on throughout the year.”

Although October’s theme emphasized student involvement in extracurricular school activities, November may concentrate on a far different topic.

“We usually have our sponsors [interventionist Margaret Bancroft and counselor Jacob Jazarou] decide on the theme,” Yerokun said. “They have separate groups from higher-ups and managements, not HR, but a group that manages our team leadership, because the important aspects of student communication, and just society, and they bring those ideas down to us and that we find ways to dispel it to NTLB members in a way that’s educational and interactive.”