Artists win Scholastic awards

The awards for the Scholastic art competition will be given out on February 14. Students who have won a silver key will receive those awards at the Texas Art Supply. Those who have won a gold key will get it at the Harris County Department of Education. 


“The Scholastic event is an art and writing competition,” art teacher Lisa Cannoro said. “Many Kerr students have won things.”  

Scholastic Gold Key Individual Awards went to Davis Dang and Elizabeth Nguyen for ceramics, Mikhael Pascual for digital art, Jo Lochary and Amy Mai for Mixed Media, Brilliant Ton for Digital Art, and Amy Mai for painting.  

Scholastic Silver Key Individual Awards went to Abby Lam for ceramics and Marie Gonzales for drawing. Scholastic Gold Key Portfolio went to Najah Tibi.  

Scholastic Silver Key Portfolio went to Jo Lochary.  

Journalism I student Rosa Montero contributed to this news brief.