Students of the month honored

Four students were not expecting their names to be announced during the morning announcements. on January 7. 

“I was actually pretty shocked when I found out this morning,” freshman Nadia Z. said. “They never told me before.” 

Junior Naomi M. didn’t even know what was required to become student of the month. 

“I didn’t really expect something special like that,” Naomi said. 

All of the students of the month were surprised because they could imagine someone better that deserves the title. 

“I know better people that can be nominated than myself,” sophomore Kelly C. said. 

Nadia believes some of her friends deserve it more than her. 

“I know they are harder workers than I am and; yes we do care about grades equally but I think they put more effort into their work than I do,”  she said. 

Senior Kevin P. believes those who work hard deserve the award. 

“They’re honest and they try, so they deserve it,” he said. 

According to Kevin and others, having the title student of the month is not a big deal, but it is an accomplishment. 

“After four years, it feels good,” he admitted. “I mean there’s a small competition, but it still feels good.” 

“I got a certificate and it’s nice,” Naomi said. “I don’t think I’ll remember it in about five years, but it’s nice to have now.” 

The students’ advice to become student of the month is to work hard and do well in class. 

News brief by Journalism I students Julie Nguyen and Katrina Uy.