Staff Feature: Vanessa Winslow


Written by Leslie Nguyen

Question: What are your initial thoughts when you first heard about Kerr?

Answer: “I found that it was strange how a school was that small. I wasn’t sure if I could adapt or like Kerr because it’s so different from all the other schools I’ve taught at. It’s funny how the total amount of kids at Kerr equals to one 1/4 of the students at my other school.”


Q: When you first arrive at Kerr what was your most vivid memory?

A: “I remember when the dismal bell rang on my first day I was running out of class to see if there was a fight because I heard screaming and shouting. However, when I walked out, there was no fight. I asked the teachers why they were so calm and they simply replied, ‘it’s Kerr’. I was so surprised!”


Q: Now that you’ve been at Kerr for awhile, what are thoughts now?

A: “I never want to leave this school. Even when I’m super old, they are going to have to drag me out of this place but I’m not going down without a fight. Before I wasn’t sure I to feel about Kerr but now I love it too much to leave.”