10 Questions – Larry Do

Written by Danny Le


  1. What are you planning to do for the summer?  Sleep and play DOTA 2 , I started getting back in DOTA after a little break
  2. What would you tell your freshman self to fix? Have a better attitude. It’ll make life easier.
  3. Can you lick your elbow? Nope, I tried before. 
  4. Marvel or DC? Marvel easy.
  5. Could you survive in the wild for a month? Yeah, I think I can. I do a lot of things outdoor activities, so I think I would be able to. 
  6. Favorite dessert? Ice cream, although I’m not that big of a dessert guy.
  7. What superpower would you want? Flash speed.
  8. What is a hobby you’ll like to pick up? Getting back on Starcraft. It was the game I was in before I really got into DOTA 2.
  9. Favorite Song? None, I’ve been just exploring music in general at the moment.
  10. Place you’ll like to travel to? Tokyo. Japan in general seems cool as heck.