General Question: What is your favorite memory of the year?

Written by Janice Chen

What is your favorite memory of the year?

Mary Vu, 11

My most fond and favorite memory would probably have to be my attendance at the FBLA Texas State Conference. While there, I got to experience first-hand of what the business field really is about. I dressed up, presented, and overall, had such a great time with friends. I think the best reason why the memory is my favorite is that I got to get to know a field that I want to be involved with in the future as well as got to understand myself, and the possibilities, a bit more.

Gwendolyn Nichel Natividad11

Realizing how much love I have for nature after taking environmental science. I liked feeding the fish every day and going on the aquatic science field trip. I guess while it’s not the most fun, my favorite memory was after the sixth pak in environmental science and deciding to go vegan

Samuel Bolting11

Algebra 2 with my friends was a blast. The helped make the learning experience more fun, and fruitful. There would be times where one of us would understand something, and the rest would not. Thus leading to the one who did understand teaching the rest of the group.

Trong Le09

Engineering has to be my number 1 spot because of the amazing friends I made and all the amazing contraptions I’ve been able to make, from an elevator to a rocket everything in that class is fun.

Vincent Khong09

The Homecoming game is my favorite memory. In a school in which there are no sports, this event is the closest you can get to an actual team. New friends are made and school spirit is at an all-time high. Events like show how Kerr isn’t just a school full of nerds and geeks, it’s a school full of pride and a sense of who we are.