General Question: Where would you live and why?

There are so many people at Kerr. To be exact 1072 total, according to Schoology. People here are all different and diverse, but we are friends here. Most people tend to stay in their friend group and because of that you tend to miss out making new friends. You might be surprised at what you’re missing out. Some people may surprise you. So I went around asking 5 people the same question to see what their answers were. And you will see that everyone is different.


Question: “If you could live anywhere where would live and why?”


Kevin Luu – 10th grade

“If I could live anywhere,  I would live somewhere close to the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, or more commonly known as the Northern Lights.  Living near the Northern Lights would present a spectacle that I could never lose interest in, creating a well-situated environment for me to want to live in.”


Kenya Johnson – 11th grade

“I want to live somewhere I can be free from my problems and far away from my family so I can finally be independent. Somewhere like in New York where I can show off my talents.”


Ariel Amaya – 12th grade

“So I would love to live in Rome or somewhere in Italy. I’ve always been wanting to go on a trip to Italy. It seems fun and exciting.”


Thao Le – 9th grade

“If I could live anywhere in the world it would be France because of cheap education and the food quality is strictly regulated with breathtaking sceneries.”