FIne Arts banquet May 11

Written by Jazmine Mendez

On May 11, the Fine Arts Banquets will take place for members of fine arts organizations. The banquet will take place at Westchase Hilton on Westheimer.

The annual banquet celebrates all that fine arts groups have achieved throughout the year. UIL competitions take place in March and April, leaving the groups free to celebrate in May.

“When you work in a group for so long, it’s kind of the end of the year ‘Let’s wrap up and celebrate everything we’ve done,’” Choir Director Vanessa Winslow said.

Members of band, choir, theatre and orchestra will enjoy a night to just have fun. There will be a DJ, dinner, and time to dance.

The Westchase Hilton is “one of the only places that can accommodate all of our different organizations,” Winslow explained.

“It’s a really memorable moment,” Cadre Kerr member Daniel Nadal said,  “serves as a final goodbye to a lot of seniors.” Tickets were sold for members and guests in April.This is a very formal event;the attire is described as cocktail.

Winslow describes it as cocktail because the attire is lively and classy.

“It’s like fine arts prom, so we want to dress up and have a good time,” said Winslow.

The theatre portion is going to start at 4:45 PM. The choir portion will be at 6 PM.

Dinner is served at 7:00 PM;Next is the dancing portion of the banquet. The event will come to a close at 10:45 PM. Transportation will not be provided so members will have to provide their own.