Everything College

Known as one of the sweetest and most helpful women in the school, Diane Barrett is the counselors’ secretary. In addition to her regular clerical tasks, students and teachers say, she goes above and beyond what is required to receive her paycheck. She is in charge of anything and everything college or career-related, and does her best to give Kerr students the tools they need to achieve their dreams.

“I think she honestly likes helping students because that’s what she does she goes above and beyond what a normal worker would do,” senior Julio M. said. “She makes sure what you need is completely satisfied.”

Barrett  goes above her job description by helping students with college decisions, organizing career fairs, and posting scholarship opportunities. Without her, the students wouldn’t have access to as many scholarships. Barrett takes time out of her day to stay after school and find scholarships for students.

She likes it when students come to visit her and she loves to do the college related activities. Barrett’s duties make applying for college and scholarships run a lot smoother.

“She sat down with me and gave me a million and one resources to get my FAFSA completed and get the most money out of it,”  senior William W.  said.