Transcripts, tardies and teamwork

Flexibility and being able to multi-task are great qualities to have, but for one pair of people, their whole day revolves around those skills.

For registrar Rebecca Gazaway, a daily agenda includes taking care of incoming and outgoing students, playing a huge role in seniors’ lives and working in collaboration with other staff members.

She is in charge of documenting recovered credits, checking GPAs and credits for students, printing transcripts, and doing reports for the school and the district. Other responsibilities include planning  for gradution, creating the seating chart, making sure seniors ordered their caps and gowns, and ordering diplomas for the district to issue.

“I always have great plans of prioritizing things I need to do, but it just depends on if the principal needs some kind of report,” said Gazaway.  “[My schedule] changes all day long.”

But probably the biggest role Gazaway plays in the school is based on her ability to work with others and help things get done more quickly. From helping with attendance to working with the counselors, to getting a spontaneous call from Mr. Freeman to do a report, Gazaway has found a niche that includes being able to adjust to daily shifts in her schedule.

“If something needs to be done, if one person’s overloaded, [we staff members] try to help each other out,” Gazaway said.

In a similar way, Lee Linsey-Bryant, attendance paraprofessional, spends most of her day doing just a little bit of everything.

Her main job includes taking attendance and making necessary changes to the system whenever a tardy student comes in after attendance has already been entered.

But after attendance is done, that’s when things become “random”; Linsey-Bryant gets calls to watch the front office’s counter, substitute as a counter-clerk at another center, or even stocking paper in the teachers’ work room.

She’s the one to go to when another staff member has a favor that needs to be done and that’s exactly what she loves about the job.

“I like my job,” Bryant said. “I like being as useful as I can to make the day go faster and [so] we can get out of here and move onto the next project.”

Principal’s secretary Valerie Erwin said both make a difference at the school.

“They are both valuable employees to Kerr,” she said.





Rebecca Gazaway types on her computer.Lee Bryant works in her office.