Assistant Principal helps students at Kerr

At normal high schools, the job of an assistant principal is discipline. That is, it is  her  job to make sure that students avoid getting into fights, are here in attendance unless there is a valid reason to miss it, and to make sure they are treating each other with respect.  The rest of her daily activities includes evaluating teachers, sorting through referrals, and monitoring how well the school is doing in general.

Though assistant principal Kimberly Mathis, doesn’t have to deal with fights on a daily basis, she still has her fair share of chasing down students for truancies and reading stacks of referrals to decide whether the student needs Good Choices Academy or another form of consequence. She also sorts through the grades and conduct reports of students to decide whether or not Kerr is the right school for them. After going through the reports with Mr. Freeman, she calls in the students to discuss available options if they want to stay.

“If the student shows that they are truly trying, we give them another chance at this school,” Mathis said. “But if during their second year nothing improves, then they have to go. This isn’t the right school for everyone, and their grades will suffer if they stay.”

Aside from her daily activities in the office, Mrs. Mathis also conducts teacher evaluations as she visits with the staff and students from center to center.

“I’m assigned to to the foreign language center, English center, and social studies center,” Mathis said, “I visit the centers to see what the teachers are doing, if they’re doing their job correctly. It also gives me a chance to interact with the students.”