Staff Feature: 10 Questions with Roger Martin


Roger Martin in the English Center.

Written by Elizabeth Lozano

Roger Martin is a ninth grade teacher in the English department.

Question: What is your opinion on the recent cartoons and shows on your childhood channels?

Answer: I haven’t watched cartoons in how many years. They’re childish.

Q: What was your first thought when you walked into Kerr?

A: The kids were quiet, they weren’t screaming and cussing.

Q: Do you still keep in contact with your friends?

God, I don’t know. My high school friends, I still keep in contact with them. They’re like, in Dallas.

Q: Do you like Schoology?

A: I don’t like it as well as the program we had before, which was called eChalk. Schoology is more complicated to me and you have to do more steps and stuff than we had to do on the other site. I don’t like it as well.

Q: What is your favorite genre to write about?

A: Poetry, because I like to write poetry.

Q: What is one time you got lost?

A: I got lost when I first got to Japan because I couldn’t find the train station. So I had to stay the night in a horrible, cheap hotel, because I couldn’t find any place else. It looked like I was staying in a closet.

Q: If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move?

A: Colorado. I like the mountain, I like the way it looks, and the people are friendly. I vacationed there, so.

Q: What talent or skill do you want to have?

A: I’d like to be able to sing.

Q: Would you ever come to school without a suit?

A: I have. Sometimes on Fridays I wore jeans. Not this year, though.

Q: Worst memory of a student?

A: I had this student that would never talk. Like, no matter what you said to him, he would not talk. So if you said, “Romaneo, why didn’t you turn your work in?” He wouldn’t say anything, just look.