Club Feature: Engineering Club


Engineering Club Members preparing their groups Sea Perch

Written by Joseph Bloise

Science and Engineering enthusiasts are always encouraged to take part in The Engineering Club.


The Engineering Club is held every Monday in the Science Center and works to expand members overall understanding of different sciences such as aquatic science, biology. chemistry, and more.


Run by the organizations President Damian Andaya, Officers Alexander Nguyen, Junlong Zan, Ha Nguyen, Kelvin Le, and sponsored by Eric Dunlap and Heriberto Frias, the club holds different events and activities from Lego engineering to Sea Perch construction and teamwork building.


The Organization will be participating in their first competition as of March for Sea Perch  District Competition scheduled for March 3. More on the follow up competitions will made as time goes.

Engineering Club Members preparing their group's Sea Perch
Engineering Club Members preparing their group’s Sea Perch