10 Questions with Nicole Phan


Nicole Phan

Written by Kelvin Lee

Nicole Phan is a sophomore.

Question 1: What are your thoughts on the first semester? Why?
a. I figured it would be better than last year considering I have more experience this year.

2. Now that the second semester has begun what are your thoughts on improving yourself or wanting to do? Why?
a. I want to finish my work early so I wouldn’t have to have panic attacks every time an assignment was do and school takes all my time so I don’t have time for anything else.

3. What would your response be if something paranormal occurred in your life? Why?
a. Yes finally. I knew I didn’t belong here.

4. What were your favorite thing to play on in the playground? Why?
a. What is playground. I like swings because I want to fly.

5. If you were to draw one thing or person, what would that thing or person be? Why?
a. Environments and scenery bc I like the way the world looks, sometimes.

6. What are your current worries for the year? Why?
a. Disappointing my mom because she’s my mom.

7. What are your current resolutions of the year? Why?
a. To enjoy life while I have it.

8. What was your favorite thing about last year? Why?
a. Just being able to be here because that’s all I could hope for.

9. What was your least favorite thing about last year? Why?
a. Being here because that’s all I can think about.

10. How much money have you spent in the last year and what did you spend it on the most? Why did you spend so on that thing?
a. I dunno the exact amount but a lot. Definitely a lot more than any other year. I spent it on art supplies and gifts for people I like because I finally had a ride to places.