Club Feature: HOME


HOME Club logo.

Written by Elizabeth Lozano

Help Others Manifest Equality is what HOME stands for in HOME Club.


This club promotes peace and equality, and their main goal is to make the world a better place. They wish to provide a peaceful setting for those who want their voices to be heard, so they reach out to the younger generations in order to spread tranquility.


HOME club created an event in 2017 called Kerrspective. It was created to allow clubs to display their educational purposes. They also had a mini talent show that helped raise money. The money was for volunteering and other group activities, such as parties on particular holidays. They have meetings, which are referred to as Coffee House Discussions, on occasion as well.


The sponsor for this club is English teacher Ayn Nys. Officers include Nhi Mong Chung, Danie Mar Rios, Tiffany Dang, Cia Christopher, Vanessa Scully, Sammy Bautista, Amy Reyes, and Ariel Perez.


You can join HOME club by simply showing up to one of their meetings and participate.