Theater announces class play schedule

Written by Jaclyn Ngo

The winter break draws near and so does the class plays theater classes have at the end of the semester. This year, the class plays will be taking place in the Black Box Theater on Friday, December 8.

First period will be performing The Last Train by James Scott. As the title implies, the play will recount the last train coming to Auschwitz and the realization about the Nazi soldiers’ plans. This play will be directed by senior Esmeralda Silva and freshman Harper LaRoche.

In second period, senior Travis Simond and senior Genesis Gobellan direct Cartoon by Steve Yockey. This dark comedy makes a statement about the violence in media and cartoons.

The last play in fourth period, Doctor in Spite of Himself by Moliere, will conclude the last play of the day. Directed by junior Kristin Alderete and Simond, the Renaissance French Farce tells the story of a woman who tries to get back her abusive husband, a fraud doctor trying to cure a mysterious illness of the young lady of the house.

The plays will begin 15 minutes into the period, giving the actors time to get into costume and makeup. It is encouraged for the student to come down to the Black Box Theater a little early.