Club Feature: Kerr Fitness Club


Kerr Fitness Club T-shirt design

Written by Danny Le

Kerr fitness Club is an organization that encourages students to examine their personal fitness.


To help students stay healthy and fit during their high school years. Not only to stay fit in high school, but to train them to staying fit even after high school. It is also a great place to allow students take a break from the constant studying environment at Kerr.

Major events/activities/contests

Major events held by KFC manage most of the school wide tournaments that consist of basketball, volleyball, and soccer. The activities in the club also consist of many different sports such as football, tennis, and dodge ball; along with the previous three sports mentioned.
Contests, are planned  on starting the tiger team this year. This team will consist of students who pass an exam testing their physical strength and endurance. 
Activities throughout the year includes weightlifting and cardio every meeting. However, sports are rotated each meeting where sports like volleyball and basketball is played inside the court.


Syed Fatmi – President

Davis Duong – Vice President

David Balogun – Secretary

Tin Le – Historian

Fatima Korouni – Treasurer

Moon Kim – Sponsor

how to join

Dress up in workout attire and come to the weekly meeting every Tuesday after school.