Club feature: Orchestra


Orchestra’s T-shirt design for last year

Written by Clarissa Gallegos

The purposes and goals of orchestra are to build a closer community and introduce people to music.

Vice-President Spenser Tran-Do says that music is not something that can be learned through listening to songs on the radio. Music has to be learned by playing it with an instrument and practicing it with a group of people. Being in orchestra, or in band and choir makes you bond and better understand the fundamentals of music rather than just listening to it.

One of the activities that will be occurring will be a carwash on November 11 that will be held to help raise money for the Orchestra kids that will be going to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall. The kids will be performing at Carnegie Hall in a symphony along with other talented students from around the world. Carnegie hall is like the Broadway of music and Hollywood combined. Tran-Do said, “It is an honor for Kerr High School to have so many kids going to Carnegie hall, but also for the Kerr orchestra as well”

Kerr Orchestra’s director is Cynthia. King, but she is more than the director. The president of Kerr Orchestra is Khang Le (11), who is a violinist; vice-president Tran-Do (12)  is a violinist and cellist. The publicists are Jasmin Sosa and Alyson Vu; they help and control all of the events and all of the decorations for events. The librarians are Michelle Pham (12), Michelle Truong (10), Cecelia (11), Madison Owens (10) help with uniforms and music. The ITech is Nhat Nguyen; he handles the technical side of orchestra such as  AV, equipment and sound.

To join orchestra students have to ask King and audition; or if you are an incoming freshman just sign up for it and put it on your schedule. There is a fee in orchestra, but is very little compared to the experience that you will gain, according to Tran-Do.