Club Feature: Science and Engineering Club


Damian Andaya, President of the Science and Engineering Club

Written by Jhoana Fulgencio

The Science and Engineering Club was founded by students with an avid interest in building robots and competing in competitions. Damian Andaya, the president of the club, explained more.

Purposes, Goals, and Major Events/Activities/Contests:

“I guess the main goal for science and engineering this year is to first expand the club to where we do more competitions than the one we’ve just done every single year, which is SeaPerch. SeaPerch is a competition where you build a submarine and you go through obstacles and complete challenges set by the competition itself, so we do that every year. Some Saturdays, we practice in the natatorium, which is a pool, across from Elsik High School.”

How to Join:

“We don’t really have a process of how to join. People can just come and go as they grow interest in the club, they can just come. For example, we’re starting up our workshops  where people can just come in and build whatever they have on their mind, so that’s fun.”

Officers and Sponsor Names:

Sponsors – Eric Dunlap and Heriberto Frias


Damian Andaya – President

Alexander Nguyen – Vice President

Junlong Zheng – Secretary

Ha Nguyen – Treasurer

Kelvin Lee – Historian