Club Feature: No Tiger Left Behind


NTLB T-shirt design

Written by Tracy Dao

No Tiger Left Behind was founded three years ago as part of the counseling and intervention programs.


The purpose of NTLB (No Tigers Left Behind) to help freshmen and sophomores transition to Kerr and the non-traditional learning style by peering them with upperclassmen who can guide them and have someone they can count on.

major events/activities/contests

– Breakfast gatherings

– After School Socials

– Weekly Mentor-Mentee Meetings

officers and sponsor names

Sponsors – Jan Kolk and Jacob Lazarou.

Board of Directors

Talia Hall – Director

Diana Marquina – Assistant Director

Samantha Salamanca – Secretary

Trang Le – Historian

Jennifer Mendoza Р Activities

Esmeralda Silva – Communication

Leanet Silva – Member

Kayla Ho – Member

Rathea Hersi – Member

how to join

You contact any of  the sponsors, Mr. Lazarou or Ms. Kolk, and complete an application form.