Staff Feature: Nancy Villegas


Nancy Villegas is the secretary to the assistant principal.

Written by Solape Solabi

Nancy Villegas is the secretary to the Assistant Principal.

Question: What made you decide to work at Kerr?

Answer: I am a graduate of Kerr. Since I am an alumna I know the inner workings of Kerr, and how everything works around here. [Kerr] is also closer to my house, it’s closer to my babies. So it’s pretty much a convenience.

Q: If you didn’t work at Kerr, what would you be doing?

A: If I didn’t work at Kerr, I probably would be doing what I was doing before. Which was working in the medical field as a medical billing and coder. Basically I made sure that health care providers were paid for the services they performed.

Q: When you went to school here what was your favorite thing to do? Who were your favorite teachers?

A: I loved being in the P.E. and working out. My favorite two teachers, well actually I had three favorite teachers. They were Coach Bailey, Mr. Levine, and Coach Diaz, the teacher before Coach Kim. Those were my favorite people to be around.